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Please help identify Rims

Trained Monkey

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I have a few rims that came with my Mercer that fit but do not belong, they are all rudge whitworth 80mm 124 spline lockring type wire wheels. 4 of them are matching 25 inch wheels and one is a 27" outer.

I had a Model A Duesenberg front axle a while back that they fit but I don't think they went to that either. Mercers never used a 25" rim to my knoledge and I don't imagine anyone going to a larger wheel to make tires easier to find.

I would also appreciate any leads on folks who might want to trade the 25" outer wheel and lockrings (and spokes) for a set of 23". I have no tires and would rather not buy tires for these just to turn around and buy more when I get the correct size for my car.

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