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axle seals 23 24


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I need to replace the outer axle grease seal on a 23 light six. The shop manual says these are constructed the same way as the special and big six differentials so experience with them would be pertinent. I guess I need to pull the axle to get to the seal as it is behind the outer bearing. Has anyone done this already and have tips?

Is there room to put a modern seal in instead of a felt washer?

Thanks for your input.

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If your car has wood spoke wheels pulling the rear hubs can be a major project. Look at this previous AACA forum link to see the tools required to remove the rear brake hub from axle end.


Scroll down to post #9 for images of what it took to get my rear hubs off a 1928 Commander GB wood wheel car.

Once the hub and wheel are off the axle then removing the outer bearing retainer is rather an easy unbolting operation. The seal is behind the bearing and there may be a modern seal insert that will fit but I don't have a number to refer to. You can go into something like the ChicagoRawhide Seal website and find an Alpha-Numeric listing by size with your seal OD, Bore & thickness dimensions to locate a current size that would fit those figures.



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No problem with pulling the hubs. I've pulled lots of tractor hubs. After I got a puller made I just popped the wheels off by using one stroke of a massive weight. Simple physics of mass and force.

What I need now is someone's experience replacing these axle seals. I'd really like to put modern seals in if possible.

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