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Chrysler Type R Information

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I read that there was a Chrysler L8 engine, 1930-1932 type "R", which has 357.8Cid. It seams this engine is the one that raced the Indy. Is that true? if so, from what Chrysler model came?

I know the 384 and the smaller ones 1933 and modern...

Any information about this?


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After 1930 Chrysler engines were prefixed with CC, CD, CG etc. Chrysler R prefix engine was the 1929 model 75. Yes they were raced but only a 6 cylinder.

I don't recall any Chrysler engine with that prefix.

Thanks for the data...

Regarding the displacement, there was not any L8 with 357.8 neither, right?


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I can't find any reference to a 357.8 cu in straight 8.

Interesting though a friend believes that the R designation refers to roadster. Looking through the net the CD models that do list a chassis number have CD......R , so that may be the origin of the R designation.

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