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Guest Davescadillacart

My Name is Dave Beveridge and I hand draw and hand paint Cadillacs and LaSalles on T-shirts. I can hand draw and hand paint any year Cadillac or LaSalle on Good Quality T-shirts.

I use only Guildan T-shirts.I can draw on White or Ash Grey

I can hand draw and hand paint your vehicle Front-side on the front of the T-shirt $60.00 plus S & H in Canadian funds,


Front-side on the front of the T-shirt and rear-side on the back of the T-shirt,$100.00 plus S & H, in Canadian Funds.

Interested Parties send me pics of their vehicles,size of T-shirt desired,

along with their Name,Address,phone number and or email to my address below.

I only except M.O. payable to: David A.Beveridge.in Canadian Funds.

send to: 455 Maple Ave.,Apt.#205, Burlington,Ontario,L7S 1M1, Canada.

for imformation,please contact me at: carslovei@hotmail.com


Dave Beveridge

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