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Love burning corn fuel in my cars !!

Guest outlaw car man

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Guest outlaw car man

OK, my rant on this crap fuel I'm getting, Again.

Just got my green 33 90 off the blocks after a long steering gear issue (s) . I had the Marvel off the car and cleaned and set everything prior. Installed the Marvel, hooked up everything, fired it up. Takes awhile for gas to get to the carb with a 138" WB car.

Fired up nicely, very strong, smell of gas, the wonderful " summer valve " or whatever the thing is they called the damn thing was pouring gas, not leaking, pouring.

I've been through this before with another Buick I have, same thing.

So, go to the other 33 90, which has been sitting for two weeks, and running great prior, fire it up, pouring gas from the " summer valve "

If you read my summer blame it on heat and evaporation rants, it's been rather cold here in Colorado, about 40 when I fired them up.

No, not the float, needle, seat, has to do with the density of the gas/alcohol at this temp. ???

Don't know what you other guys are experiencing with 1933 Buicks, Same ???

Summer I get gum, now I'm burning sometimg like water...

Just an ongoing issue I've been dealing with for 20 years with old classics. Now they are talking 15% ethanol.

As a retired Brewmaster, I wonder if they will run on beer-

Still love my 33's.



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Guest outlaw car man
Pull some of the gas that has been in the car for a few months and take it to some bare dirt and see how it burns. You'll be dismayed. Hey don't sing the eyebrows! I could hardly get it to light.


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Guest outlaw car man

If your fuel has separated, the water laden ethanol should be at the bottom of the tank. I suggest you use the tank bottom drain to dump a gallon and test it.

Hi Mark-

I kinda did the same thing here, as with aviation, I took a fuel sample out of the carb to check for water in the gas, this time a QT while pumping from the fuel pump. Samples are in the garage. Haven't seen anything but any evidence may have blown out with the overflow yesterday. Should show immediatly I would think.

I did get the black 33 running so far. After the sample ( quart ) , I took a piece of elec tape and covered the over-flow thing ( summer valve ) real good and stuck a shop cloth in, to be even tighter. It fired up fine, could see a little dampness in the rag, so cleaned it up and did it two more times. Finally it just stopped leaking gas all over. Ran good.

Lots of theories why, but I'm pointing to the gas again.

I haven't got to the green 90 yet but I'm hoping for the same results.

At least I might have a solution to cold temp running conditions with a 1933 Buick, in Colorado anyway, I hope. Looks that way.

Cold temps cause a fuel seperation and warm temps cause a fuel evaporation. Not a scientific conclusion, but that's what I'm going with, in my Lab.

I'm thinking way in the back of my head, to do the carb change on the green one, can always be changed back. Not even a clue how to do that or where or what ??


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