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Colombian Car


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Hi Folks,

I am a little confused by the details of this car. It seems to be a General Motors product which seems to have Chevrolet vents in the bonnet (hood) but long lights and does not seem to have the Chev kink in the side of the rad line; more like a Buick as seems to have Buick wheel trims but has no sideligts on the wings. Would apprerciate your thoughts. Photographed in Medellin, Colombia.


Vintman (UK)



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Definitely a '37 Chevrolet Master Series Sport Sedan, and the "kink" in the grille is blocked by the headlamp (Master DeLuxe shown in the link). They came in two trim levels; Master and Master DeLuxe, with the former sporting the hood ornament like yours and a lack of beltline trim. Masters also did without bumper guards and had a single taillight.


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1937 Chevrolet Master Series 37-1219 5-passenger Sport Sedan. Obviously lhd, though many S American countries drove on the left at the time. I am not sure if General Motoros Colomotores was extant then but previously it was a GM Export Co territory where they sold direct, possibly through a local agent.

We received '37s through Pass & Joyce Ltd of London, and I have a photo of one somewhere.

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