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1917 Dodge Turning Car Project

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This is my project for how ever it takes me to finish.

A 1917 Dodge Touring car.

frame # 134646, (build sometime between, Feb.25 and Mar.27 1917.

Firewall # T130559

Got it in Dallas in several boxes.

I have most of the car except for what I come up short with when I'm trying to

put it together. Seems like the small parts are the hardest to find.

Here are a few pictures of what I have put together so far.






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Yes I have the tranny, engine, axles. Some are in need of overhauling and some will need to re replaced. But for the most part its all there. Problem I see in the future is when I start putting everything together what I will find missing. As I mentioned I got the car in boxes.

Thanks for the interest.

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Not to high jack your thread but more to encourage you, this 1928 Whippet Cabriolet took my dad 28 years to complete but having two other antique cars, stuck with it!  :)


It was not complete at all in this picture, parts came from the East Coast to the West Coast and as far south as Florida so..... hang in there! 

Some day she will be finished!  :D



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DB17, there is a man in (Colorado?) that has a ton of DB cars, parts, etc. He would be an excellent source for any missing parts. Connect with me, and I'll look up his name and address. I think his  name is Gene French. Also, I'm looking to match my back wheel hubs, but I'm not sure which one I need for my 1918 DB. Would you have a photo that shows your 1917 hub? Willy



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