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As of late I have been approached by two guys on the Riv. forum that are looking for some parts. I will throw this out there, I will look for parts for you, but please be realistic. There are about 5 79-85 Rivs and 6 or so 86-93 Rivs. Do not ask for bumper filler strips or working Riv opera lights, they are no good. I can get the offbeat stuff you can't get a salvage yard to pull for you. There are no 90-93 instrument clusters and headlight switches as I have already pulled and sold them elsewhere.. However I do have two 86-89 instrument clusters and headlight/wiper switches [no CRT's].

I can get you working visors as the people around here do not seem to use them much. However they will have to be recovered.

The parts will be good and my prices are reasonable. For example Instrument clusters for $95.00 delivered. [once again I have two available].

My email is lemke1044@aol.com


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