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Veteran's Day Parade Pictures


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This is the fourth year we have taken our '21 Franklin to the Austin Veterans Day Parade.

We always find a veteran who hasn't been in a parade and offer them a place of honor in the back seat. It's our small way of giving thanks to those who have served.

Anyone else have pictures of their car in a parade?

P.S. The banner on the bumper says "Give a Doughboy a job."


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My daughter came with me to drive our '56 Ghia in the Branford, CT Veterans Day Parade, today, Sunday, November 13th. We were not connected with any "group" per se, but did see several other cool old vehicles, including a '53 Maxim fire truck, a WWII jeep, and a group of vintage police cars. We drove right behind the Branford Town Band, who were on a large flatbed trailer, and at one point I took a shot of the units who were following behind us in the parade. The weather was spectacular, and it was a great way to help pay tribute to our veterans.







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