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29 dodge pickup


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i have recently aquired a so called 1929 dodge brothers truck. i dont know much about these and was wondering if anybody could hep with identification. it has wood spoke wheels. silver dome 4 cylinder engine. has the little window behind the doors. it has the chrome radiator suround. the rear axel looks big to be a half ton. no bed. any help would be appreciated.

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29 thru at least 31 came with 4 or 6 cyl engines, like Joe said photos are always a good start. The 4cyl engine was Plymouth engine. The trucks had low gearing and probably out pulled the sixes.

Oh yeah there was also an S designation. E series trucks ( which were 1/2 or 3/4 ton 110 and 120 inch wheelbase) were using the Victory engines

Ah yes S was Stockton.

Some of the E series were also using the DA engines

List goes on and on, very confusing but we can get it untangled for you one way or another.

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