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parts for a 62 Invicta


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I will need a hood, griill and passenger and driver side headlight bezels Parking lamp lens. Right and left fenders.. Most everything for the front of the car. May need a rear bumper as well, depends on if it can be fixed.

Had bit of trouble today as the car came out of park, rolled 1 1/2 blocks down the road, thru an intersection, ( bet that was a sight to see ) jumped the curb, launched into the neighbors garden, missed a power pole and tree, but hit a house. When I came outside a few minutes later, I saw the car was gone, and assumed someone had stolen it. My cell phone was in the car, so I just went up the block to the police station. (small town Iowa) Well theres no one there, so I borrowed a cell phone and called 911. When I told him about the car, he asked where I was, and explained I should walk outside, and look down the street and I will find my car and the local PD waiting.

You just know this will make the local paper next week.



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