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Calling all the "numbers guys"


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Well its blowing snow out today and not yet time to start the brake job on the "baby", so I thought I would embark on a quest to see what the various "numbers" on the "baby" mean. So here goes;

Ours is a 1940 Buick series 90L.

Frame/vin # 13623175

Engine # 93813430

Trim # 827

Body # 15

Paint # 514

Being the second owner, not counting the "broker" or so I was told, and the amount of crud we removed from the engine bay and front frame, I would tend to believe the engine came with the frame. She shows 04169.6 on the "clock" and since the front end is very tight I'm hoping that there is not a ONE that isn't showing. The back side of the speedo looks like it's never been touched.

I'm calling on all the numbers guys out there to tell me a bit of history on the car, if possible.

I haven't figured out how to post pictures in a "thread" yet, but there are several pic's in my album.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Flyer 15015

Mike in Colorado


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Mike, here is what I have, frame13623175, the 1 is where frame was built(Flint) rest of numbers are your serial no.,Engine 93813430, 9 indicates the series ie. Limited, Trim 827 is Tan Bedford Cord, Body 15 is factory Identification, and your paint number is ???? all I have for the paint numbers range from 541 to 557 If you misread ot typed the number , 541 is black, hope this was a help, I am from Maryland and own two 40's. a coupe conv. and sport coupe, take care Bob

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My "spellcheck" did not catch the paint code number. It is in fact 541, and the car is black.

Le baron-Bonny did provide the "bedford cord" material for my local upholstery guy and we recovered the bench and back of the front seat. A perfect match.... The rest of the upholstery was in great shape, and only required a good shampooing to bring out the color.

Thank you so much for the information. I wish I could run a "carfax" to check the car's history.

Things I would like to know is where in the production run was it built and for whom, or was it just a part of a run. I bought it from the estate of Mr. Billy Hinkle of Cheyene, Wy., a year ago in September, and we have greatly enjoyed the car. Two car shows, leadville and Salida Colorado and two 1st place throphys. Not bad for a "nice driver" Think we'll retire while we're on top, he. he. Of course we did not have to compete w/ Sandy's two '33's (outlaw car man).

Best Regards,

Mike in Colorado

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Buick built 526 90Ls in 1940. Maybe this is #15 of 526? The engine number is quite early in the series so it is possible. Intro date was September 1939 so it could have been built in late 1939. There must be a casting date on the block which might be a clue. Just need someone who knows where to find it.

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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Mike:

This one's easy as you've provided all the info. Everything matches to a car built in Flint in September 1939, week 2. This information is directly from Buick factory records.

The other guys are all correct on their info.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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That's funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You must have been peeking in my album. That's a real Thompson.

Mt. Princeton (14,200') in the back ground. Boy is it white now. From the tree line clear to the top.

Dave Corbin nailed my numbers down. Glad he's around, 'cause the"carfax guys" were of no help at all... Just silence on the other end when I asked them.

I'm off to Casper Wyoming tomorrow. I'll wave when I go by.


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