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Advertising in newsletters

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After 18-plus years as editor for "Ragtops & Rumbleseats", the newsletter of the Staten Island Region, I'm finally up against the need to offset printing costs.

Have any fellow editors/publishers find success with soliciting national brands as advertisers? I recall seeing JC Taylor run full page ads in the Greater New York Region's newsletter. If so, I'd appreciate any help in determining not only who might participate in such a small but targeted effort, and more importantly, what is a suitable rate for a monthly publication such as a regional newsletter.

Thank you and regards,


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Hi Paul,

I sent you an e-mail along with a sample newsletter. E-mail me back for more info, if needed.



PS, I should mention that I sent Paul a representative newsletter to him with ads and also ad prices included.

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I am afraid I won't be much help on this subject.

I am the editor for the Brass-Nickel Touring Region. We do not use any advertising in our newsletter. This is a personal choice as I think that the use of advertising detracts from the newsletter. For many Regions though advertising is a necessity. It is either allow ads or quit publishing.

The Brass-Nickel is a touring region-no car shows. The $10/year dues cover very nicely the cost of the newsletter-with some left over. We print a color newsletter which this year averaged 28 pages (5.5" by 8.5"). These are on-line if you would like to take a look:

Brass-Nickel Touring Region newsletters.


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