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Brass era car to identify- photo.

Guest stephen48

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I don't believe it's an Overland, though many were exported.

The hood is too long for a 4-cylinder engine.

The door hinges don't look like Overland (unique).

The car is too long (7-passenger?) to be an Overland.


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I like the Ford T sticking it's nose out - looks like a 1912 to me, but could be earlier or later as there were differences between US and UK cars. I agree that the main car in the picture is an Overland - as Layden points out the script is there - I can't think of another company who did that script stencil the same.

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The photo starting the thread is a 1912 Overland Model 59-T Touring, I believe. The 1911's had flat rear fenders and outboard levers. The larger 1912 Model 61 has running boards with integrated tool boxes.

Layden's photo looks like an earlier and larger 1910 Model 42--one of my favourites--but I could be mistaken.

Great photos!


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