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1928 Marmon Model 68 Roadster *SOLD*

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This neat 1928 Marmon Model 68 roadster offers straight-8 power in a package not much bigger than a Model A, so performance is entertaining to say the least. The owner believes that the bodywork, paint, interior, and top are all original, and I'm inclined to agree, except that perhaps it has been repainted once, long ago. Regardless, it has an awesome original patina to it that I would not change one bit. Chrome and nickel plating are good for its age, but not to show standards of course, but again, the condition is appropriate to the car. It presents well and has an honesty about it that it quite appealing.

The flip side of the coin is that underneath it is 100% restored. Noted restorer Jim Capaldi completely rebuilt the chassis, including the engine, transmission, rear end, suspension, brakes, and exhaust, so mechanically, this is a new car in almost every measurable way. It runs almost silently, and as I said, performance on the road is extremely impressive. If there was ever a Marmon factory hot rod, this might be it.

The interior is nicely preserved, with the leather showing its age, but certainly still presentable and usable as-is, and in line with the cosmetic condition of the rest of the car. All the original gauges appear to be functional, and the steering, brakes, and transmission are a pleasure to operate. The rumble seat is in excellent condition, and the trunk is nicely preserved. I might try to source a floor mat or some carpet for the front seat area, since I don't believe it was originally bare wood, and if I were going to use it for touring, I would consider replacing the top, which is most certainly original and somewhat brittle.

This is an unusual, powerful, fast, reliable and fully sorted tour car that will get a lot of attention just because of its honest presentation. It's wonderful on the open road where the big straight-8 can stretch its legs. It hails from a large collection of Marmons owned by a marque expert, so I have a lot of confidence in its abilities and presentation. A neat, fun open car with eight cylinders and sidemounts--what could be better?

Asking $34,900 or best offer.











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I still have that truck!!!! You seem to find all the good stuff!!! Sharp car. If the truck was gone we would be talking!!

We have a bunch of other neat stuff coming soon. If anyone wants to see it first, drop me a line (Matt@VintageMotorCarsOhio.com) and I'll put you on our mailing list so you see the inventory before anyone else. No spam, I try to send out only 1 or 2 E-mails a month with a sneak preview of cars before they appear anywhere else. Of course, this message board is always the first place I post cars publicly (because I like you guys :D), usually a week before they're even on our own website.

Just a sample of upcoming cars that are in the queue, on their way to our facility, or I just haven't had time to get them posted yet:

1941 Cadillac convertible coupe

1929 Model A roadster pickup

1911 Marmon speedster

1934 Packard 12

1948 Buick Roadmaster

1959 Ford Ranchero







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First Marmon in the family. Too bad it is getting cold here in Ohio. Guess I will have to dress warm, to take it for a spin. Can't wait...

Do you need help in driving it back. I'd be happy to make the trip with/for you. I only live a couple of miles away from you (nevermind the city name under my avatar).

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