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'29 and '30 coupe, any difference?

Guest verd

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Hi all;

I need to know what, if any, differences there are between a 1929 standard coupe and a 1930 deluxe coupe, or sport coupe. Would it take much to make the'29 appear to be a 30 sport without permenantly altering anything?

Would need to fool experts like yourselves who would be scrutenizing a car during a movie. Thanks.


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The '29 has the fuel gauge mounted in the fuel tank.In 1930 it was the first year for the fuel gauge to be electric and mounted in the dash.Also the difference between a standard coupe and sport coupe in '29 & '30 is that a standard coupe had steel disc wheels and a trunk.The sport coupe had wire wheels and a rumble seat.Bumpers on the '29 were a bit different than the '30 model also.Hope this helps.

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Guest Bob Call

If it's for a movie that is not an auto documentary, then it won't mke any difference. Movie makers and the majority of the viewer won't even know what brand of car they are seeing.

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