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85 rear shocks

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It can be done. KYB makes a replacement rear NON-air shock, #KG5573. If you do this, it might be wise to replace the fronts as well with the matching KYB front shocks. Check Rock Auto for the parts. I'd also replace the coils that are now on it with the Moog cargo coils - part #CC637, the constant rate springs that are dependent on the air shocks aren't quite up to the job without the air shocks.. I did something else to my '85 that I thought made it handle better as well. I installed the larger 28mm front and 32mm rear sway bars from a Cadillac Eldorado. I used the poly bushings on the front rather than the OE rubber ones (couldn't find any poly bushings for the rear.)


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What is causing the leveling light to come on?? I rarely see it engaged on mine unless I am carring a load in the trunk or have people in the back seat.

I imagine there must be a pressure leak in the shock some where.. I guess or would there be a leak in the line. I wonder if the leak gets bad enough of the air compressor would burn itself out, is there a fuse to disengage?

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