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need a grill shell n cap for 28 DB sedan

Guest deerboy

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What model of 28 DB do you have? Serial number would be very helpful. There were several different models in 28. 128/129 fast four, 130/131 Victory Six, Standard Six, Senior Six. Then there were all the different body types and specials, sports, etc. Some parts interchange but many more are different. We are all glad to help but we need to narrow things down a bit to really be of service to you. Parts for DB's are harder to find than Model A / T Fords and the like but the thrill of the chase is even greater with DB's! Welcome to the world of Dodge Brothers!

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Guest Backyardmechanic

If the shell is for a car not truck en it should be nickel plated. Our dodg bone cap and moto meter cap will fit the standard 6.


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Guest rbardin

What about the car you have? Check the part number you need and let me know. I will not let this go to just anyone. If you have a legitimate need we can work it out. This is not for trade or resale.

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