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'67 442 headlight bezels (NOT CUTLASS!)

Guest Blownolds

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Guest Blownolds

I have these remaining headlight bezels for the '67 442:

LH: have two. They are pretty decent overall, like an 8 or 9 out of 10 for used parts? (that's really subjective of course)

One is pretty shiny still, $85

One had been painted black all over, $75

RH: have one. It's got a couple mashes. Poor condition. BUT I think iot could actually be restored by someone who knows what they are doing. $5... or

Will throw in for free if someone who wants both of the above LH bezels.

Add mailing costs from California.

E-mail me DIRECT at blown394olds@yahoo.com instead of PM'ing me, thanks.

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