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1941 Zephyr Limo.

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Keith here. I have a friend in Sparks Nevada that’s finishing up his restoration of a ’41 Zephyr Limo. He did most of the work and he is a real craftsman. Tom Nelson is his name and he sent me some photos to show me how the progress was going and I thought I would pass them along. Tom’s specialty is custom woodgraining and his business is called Grain-It Nevada, “Custom Woodgraining of Classic and Vintage Cars”. As you can see he does beautiful work. If you’re interested his cell is 1-775-830-1636.

Only thing left is the interior upholstery and the new recast steering wheel I’m making, and it’s done. Beautiful job, Tom.




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NICE car!

Thanks for sharing.

Those are probably your knobs and they look GREAT!

A knob question:

I'm installing a Columbia axle in my 1941 Lincoln Continental. I have a nice reproduction control cable for a 1939 Lincoln Columbia. The knob says: "OVERDRIVE". Is there a way to remove that knob without destroying it and replace it with a correct 1941 knob which has only "O" on it? What do you use to attach the knob to the cable?

Before Rolf Burdette passed away, he was experimenting with re-casting 1941 Lincoln steering wheels. He did one for me as an experiment which was disappointing to him, causing him to give up the project. I can send you pictures of the wheel to see if you think it might be salvageable.


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Thanks for posting. Yes the picture shows the knobs I make.

As for your question. The ’39 reproduction overdrive cable probably has the plastic knob epoxyed on and therefore would be very difficult to remove without damage. When Lincoln made them way-back-when they were cast right on the cable. The knob I make has a serrated hole to ensure I tight bond when exopyed.

About three years ago I corresponded with Rolf about yours and his steering wheel project. He sent me a picture of his effort. It wasn’t very promising. I think the only thing salvageable would be the core…and that would be a beast to chip away the recast bad plastic.

I will be doing my initial molding and casting of ‘41 wheels soon. If you are interested I can put you on the steering wheel list. Let me know. knobsoup@gmail.com.

Paul, thank you for all the photos of events, member's cars, and car albums you have graciously shared with all the members through the years. I know they took a lot of time to organize and post. They are greatly appreciated.

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I sure wish I'd known about Tom Nelson a couple years back. I sent my dash and garnish molding to Bob Waller in New Hampshire. For 13 tense months I wasn't sure I would ever see them again. It took threats from my Sicilian brother-in-law and holding out money to finally get him to return them. He did a great job but didn't quite get the color right.

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