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Confirmed alternator conversion with push-gas-to-start?


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Hi all,

I purchased a brand new Delco-Remy 10si alternator about a year ago now. I've been wanting to replace my '56 generator and voltage regulator with this bad boy for a while. My generator is fine, but I've been through three regulators and cannot get them to function properly. I'd rather replace it all with a bolt on alternator and set the parts aside for whenever I want to put them back.

I've been searching high and low, and there is a lot of information out there, but none of it is complete. I know it's possible - does any know how to add the alternator and retain push-gas-to-start pedal functionality with a functioning amp meter?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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1956 Century:

The Buick accelerator starting system used two safety features to prevent the starter from actuating once the engine was running. One is that vacuum from the running engine would lift a ball in the carburetor starting switch and this would prevent the switch contacts from closing thereby preventing the starter relay coil from closing the relay points and then actuating the starter. The second safety feature was to obtain ground potential for the starter relay coil by connecting the coil lead to the generator armature terminal (either at the generator or on the ARM or GEN terminal of the regulator). When the engine is not running, the armature terminal is at ground potential (-12 volts). However, once the engine starts, the armature terminal now has + 13-14 volts on it and so the coil of the starter really cannot function since it cannot get a return path to ground. Once you install an alternator, you lose the second safety feature. I would suggest that you ground the starter relay lead that formerly went to the generator armature . The car will start if the rest of the circuit is OK. I would also add a toggle switch, under the dash, in the circuit in series with the carburetor switch. Now, in case the carburetor switch malfunctions and the starter continues to operate after the engine has started, you can simply throw the toggle switch to the off position to stop the starter from running.

To understand this you should study the shop manual wiring diagram or get a copy of the Buick Bugle article I wrote on these systems.

Good Luck.

Joe, BCA 33493

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