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Looking for a '90 Riv Hubcap

Guest Ranger

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I received a call from a Riv owner this morning, he doesn't have computer access.

He's looking for a wire hubcap for his '90 Riv.

If you know of a nice one, please call:




Thank you,


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I had a guy who makes his living pickin' and pullin' from local U-pull-it yards find some fresh bumperettes for my '93. He got them off a '90 in a pick-n-pull yard in Liberty, MO. He told me there was a nice set of four wire wheel covers in the trunk. If you're interested, I can get his phone number for you.


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Ship, Dave, and Ed,

Thanks for the tips, I met the Riv owner Saturday and gave him a six page printed copy of hubcap sources. He had no idea such a service was available (I didn't either), he wanted to thank those who helped him.

Thanks again,


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