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I'm new at restoring 1917 DB


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I have a 1917 Dodge Touring Car, the numbers are as follows:

on the outside firewall -T130559

Frame - 134646

I also have another Dodge Touring Car with the following numbers:

firewall- T157712

frame - 195730

134646 in almost complete but missing allot of small parts.

*the small part of the windshield post that the bearing

rides on,( partially ramps around the windshield post.

* the bracket that holds the steering to the dash

* and of course bearings, seals, and other stuff i will find

out I'm missing as I start putting it together

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Hi Bill and Mike. Its interesting that DB's would be different since the Dodge Boys produced parts for Ford. But I guess they had to do their own thing.

I understand the parts will come slow from here and there, but the knowledge of how things went together back then will be hard found. I consider myself mechanically inclined but when you have never seen a piece of machinery before its a challenge. Thanks for the comments:)


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