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1953 Special Hubcaps


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I recently had Steve Grace of Brightworks Restoration in Fall River, Massachusetts remove the dings and polish my hubcaps. They came out great. I would recommend Steve for any of you stainless or aluminum straightening and polishing.

Now it's time to get the hubcap centers repainted. I would like to find out what the color codes are for the red, blue and black on the hubcaps. If anyone has a source for painting, I would be interested in getting a phone number or E-mail address so that I can contact them. Thanks!

Pat Meenan

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I have restored several 1953 Special wheel covers. For the black I just used any black paint; they all look the same to me as long as you avoid any metallic types. For the red I found a paint close to Dante Red, a Buick color that was used for the 1941 engines and for red wheels as an option for some years in the 1940's and 1950's. The blue is the hardest to find close to the original. Perhaps another Buick expert will post a reply with better information.

Joe BCA 33493

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