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Tc owners around Mesa,Az

Guest Amccaugh

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Dunno about TC owners in Mesa but I know there plenty in Arizona proper, but what you *do* have in Mesa is a fine Chrysler mechanic. I am a Do-It-Yourselfer from way back but with 2 young kids, something like 10 cars:o, an older home with a looong Honey Do list, when I get backed up on projects here in SoCal I send my projects to AJ in Mesa. Engine rebuilds, suspension upgrades, custom fabrication-so far he has tackled everything I've thrown at him:cool: Reasonable to, like 1/2 (or less)dealer rates480)969-5985 He's not a TC only guy but he well knows 80's/90's Chrysler products, heck he drives like 4 of them:D


PS You joined the TC Club of America right? We've had national meets in Laughlin, Tucson, Phoenix all over your neck O the woods:)

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