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Commercial tubing bending machine

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Commercial Di-Acro tubing bending machine model 1AMB mounted on custom heavy metal stand for stability.

Tooling for 1/4 through 1/2 inch. This thing will bend 1/2 inch solid steel rods!

Ideal for bending custom fuel lines (tripowers, dual quads, etc.), or custom break lines.

Home-made flaring machine made with Snap-On replacable components (jaws, point, etc.) with hydraulic press for making flares in hard tubing. Machine is mounted on custom heavy metal stand for stability.

Several hundred feet 5/16 and 3/8 aluminum alloy 6061 (hard) tubing.

Will not ship. Bring flatbed truck and a couple of stout men. I have a loader, but still have to get both items out of the shop.

573-392-7378 (9-4 Mon-Wed central time).

$3000. for all.


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