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1960 Mopar 413 Engine and Transmission Chrysler 300F

Guest challengersteve

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Guest challengersteve

Steve's Musclecars & Parts

479-430-4886 cell

479-632-0011 office

You are buying a 1960 Mopar 413 Engine and Transmission.

The casting date on the engine block is 3-2-60 with an assembly date of 3-24-60.

The casting numbers are as follows: block 2120524, heads 2128521, intake 1851898, exhaust manifolds 1739600 and 1945546, water pump housing 1944916. All of these components are original to this engine from what I can tell and are very nice.

The heads are the versions that show to the unique to the 1960 model year only and are correct for a Chrysler 300F.

The transmission still has fluid in it and is not damaged anywhere I can see.

The engine is super clean inside and has been sitting in inside storage for 35+ years. There are no damaged places on the block or heads and no freeze crack issues. I of course would rebuild the engine before use.

I am located in Alma, Arkansas 72921 and can assist in either loading or shipping if needed.

Please call me at 479-430-4886 or 479-632-0011 or email steve@stevesparts.com if you have any questions.

The engine and transmission are 600.00 and I accept Paypal and Credit Cards over the phone.











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