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For Sale:New Glass For TC Models


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We can supply still..some glass new for these models. This includes door glasses, back window for removable hardtop and the rear porthole windows. All are NOS meaning mopar and or the Sicursive Italian made (whatever was offered from the factory). Everything is still reasonably priced. The porthole windows are the most expensive. Only a little stock exists throughout our distributors. Door glasses are still the best deal for the money if it is time to repalce a scratched one. I don't see any plans from any manufacturers to reproduce this anytime ..

Feel free to contact us at richardt@prosourceglassintl.com

Toll Free Mon-Fri 8:00-6:00pm 877-345-2800

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We sold all the ones we posted to a couple of customers. However we are trying find more very few were available. I will keep you posted.

As for the install I am not sure if most but certainly some can install. Look for a shop that also does trim work (installing convertible tops ) which would mean they have a range of expertise. You would have to bring the car to a shop for them to see. I will try to post what we can offer. The ones were priced at $245 each.


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