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25 Buick roadster


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Hallo ROD W.Those shorted cars was used as we call an Epa-Tractor,the roules was that they had to be shorted to be used as a tractor and I think the drivers didn`t have a driver licens.Yes the torque tube is shorted.They vere wery common here in Sweden in 1930-1940s and even in early 50s.Most of the cars was shorted by a local smith.

I bought this tractor in autum 2004 and "restored" the car as it was when it was a reeal car in early 30s,I had a 1925 lying in my shed without wood,sufflett,uppholstery and so on,but I had a frame and a lot of other parts that was missing on the tractor so I put it together and it was a drivable car in the spring of 2005.I decided to let the car be looking as it it looked when it was before it was "cut up".The car was sold a cople of years later.

Leif in Sweden.






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