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1990 Reatta for sale, moving south

Guest ballmon

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Guest ballmon

Most likely I will be moving to North Carolina in the late January time period. I have three cars and one won't make the move. I have made my decision to sell the Reatta. I could probably get a little more on Craig's List but I want to keep the car in the Reatta forum family. Plus I know that if I sell to a novice, the car will eventually end up in the junkyard when the first thing goes wrong. It is too nice of a car for that.

I would imagine that this is a pretty good deal. I will sell a little more than scrap value at $600. I live in Cincinnati Ohio area. 1990 coupe with 192K miles, gun metal gray color

Here is what is wrong with car: rear trunk auto unlocks during rain (still trying to fix this), needs new tires in 5K miles, drivers side window up/down switch does not work but window is permanently up and passenger switch works on its side, needs new front strut or ball joint, A/C needs topped off (dashboard light comes on periodically), drivers seat leather starting to crack, few carpet stains, ABS is disabled, dashboard light for "open door" is permanently lit.

Here is what is right with car: Pretty well maintained over the years. Paint job is amazingly in good shape (besides the few scrapes and chips) There was a after market clear coat on it that must have preserved the paint, many parts have been replaced over the last 3 years: rear struts, water pump, belt tensioner harmonic balancer at 178K miles , rebuilt alternator at 185K miles, rebuilt tranny at 130K miles, rebuilt rack/pinion, one of the CV joints replaced at 178K miles, new ICM and ignition coil at 167K miles, new brake accumulator at 167K miles, mass air flow sensor at 163K miles, new headlamp motor at 158 miles, new battery on 11/2008, new brake pressure warning switch and front ABS speed sensor at 154 K miles , head liner replaced, new front brakes/rotors at 186K miles, new rear brakes and cylinders at 186K miles, new exhaust at 184K miles, new cradle frame rear mounts at 152K miles.

Please contact me if you are interested and I will go out and take photos of car in the as-is condition.

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