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factory cell phone, Riviera/reatta?


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Seeing the thread about this subject, I wanted to share my experience. Years ago I had a shop swap from another 1989 Riv to my 89 Riv, the factory cell option.

When done, my crt "options" screen now showed the phone.

The unit included the console wired hand set, as well as the hands free path thru the CRT.

A microphone was in the head liner near the front, and radio would dump its sound to the rear speakers for the phone to be carried thru the front speakers.

When an incoming call arrived, the radio would automatically do the speaker thing, the crt would dispaly incoming with a touch to answer.

The handset could be introduced at any time, and the touch screen would dial out using the 10 key display to make a call.

I believe any such Riv installed system, would be able to be installed in any 88-89 Reatta with the crt.

The shop had the benefit of pulling the unit from the other 89, which was my secretary's car, she was so proud of finding a Riv like mine, and did not use the phone, only her toddler played with the dead hand set.

I had the shop put my console insert into her car, we were both happy campers because I had them repair her cassette deck at the time, so we both smiled driving away.

It was at the time analog was dying and a rep at US Cellular found a way to gain me a new analog line....I remember her side of the phone conversation placing the order...."because he wants it.,,....because we can.....because I said so.." She was great.

Just to let you know it should be possible, oh, also, needed was the phone tranducer power antenna, it had a 'bump' in the middle to do the transmission thing.


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I've been a member here for many years. I do recall a post, perhaps from the 2000-01 time, where someone did indeed get the Riviera phone to work in their Reatta. This was a time before digital of course. I also seem the recall, Barney may be able to confirm, that one Reatta was factory fitted with the Riviera phone. The Riviera also had a compass feature that the Reatta did not have. A few members have found the compass module from wrecked Rivieras and have gotten the compass to work on their Reattas. In fact I think there was very recently a thread about this very subject.

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