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Cord L-29 history question


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Possibly someone here will have some background information on this historical background question that is sorta related to the Cord L-29.

For years people have often linked the L-29 as the first American production car to use the X-brace chassis design. Since then I have discovered that the 1929 Stutz Blackhawk also had a X brace frame. If you go by introduction then the Blackhawk would actually be the first because it was released in January 1929 while the L-29 in August that year (and sold as a 1930 model).

The difference may be linked to the "prototypes" and wonder if anyone has that information between the two? I know that the Cord's was developed in 1927 and during the road tests found out they needed to redesign the frame to take care of torque issues. Herb Snow remembered seeing the Lancia Dilambda chassis at the 1927 New York Salon and utilized the X design for the Cord that Van Ranst received credit for. But... does anyone know when the Blackhawk prototypes were built? The Blackhawk boattails of 1928 had a ladder frame but that doesn't include the new 1929 designs.

Also, if you go global the 1928 Alvis front wheel drive would beat Cord as the first front wheel drive with an X brace chassis introduced to the public... unless someone knows of one ever earlier?

Ruxton seems to have a ladder frame so is out of the mix.

Any help appreciated for those histoy gurus that knows Cord and its background in and out. Thanks!


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