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62 Special inner front fender pass side

Guest ambr607

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I have a spare front section of an inner front wheel well under the battery. I just replaced the same section in my 63 Olds. See the photo below. I bought two and used one. Take a look at the photo. I can send you a photo if you would like. The other place is the Buick Bonery see the info below. The last item is the Buick Yahoo group link below. They are a nice group and very helpful.

If you would like a photo or two email me back.






Yahoo group (Yahoo! Groups: Search Results

Buick Bonery, Sacramento, CA Hello Buick lovers,

Many of you may know the Buick Bonery which was operated by Buick guru Ken Schmidt since the 1970s. Ken has retired and I was able to buy half of his cars to keep the business operating, but on a smaller scale. The years range from 1939 to 1972. Please let me know if I may be able to help you in your restoration projects.

Mike Hogan


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