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67 riv


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I found a mostly complete 67 in a yard does anybody need anything not a GS:)

I'm at work and don't have my latest Riview handy to log into the Rivowners.org site and check the article on the single -> dual master cylinder swap.

Nevermind, based on this article, it looks like a '67 will work for me:


If the Master Cylinder looks decent, I could use it. Send me a price, if so, please.

I hadn't planned on worrying about this until next Spring, but if the opportunity is here now, I may as well jump on it if it makes sense. I'll check some sites tonight to see what buying one from someone will cost ( already pulled, etc. ). If it's rather cheap, then I won't ask you to pull the one off of the car in the yard.

If anyone happens to have one lying around that will work for my single -> dual swap, yell out, please!


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It looks like the '67 would have to be drum front and back, which you could easily check so that's not a big issue.

But, I would need to know if mine is the Delco/Morraine or Bendix and the same with the donor. I'm not ready to pull mine apart to find out so don't worry about checking that for me.

I'll just add that to my list of stuff to do!

Thanks anyway.


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You sound like a good guy I will look I am not in this to make a living just fun I will look

From what I've read, both the '64 and the '67 can have either a Delco/Morraine or Bendix master cylinder and they only work with the matching booster.

Unfortunately, I don't know what one I have on my '64, yet, and we don't know which is on that '67. I won't be able to find out what I have until next Spring. My brakes are working now, so I'm not going to disassemble it until it's time to actually do the work.

If no one on here chimes in needing parts from a '67, you should post over on the V8Buick.com site that you have access to one. Take some good pics of the exterior, interior, engine compartment, trunk ( if possible ), all the fenders, etc. You'll probably get people asking you about specific parts so getting as many pics as possible will help out.

I wish there were some good yards in my area. There was a real nice one where I went to high school and I sure enjoyed prowling around there all those years ago.


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