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`31 Commander 70 Brougham sedan

Guest rvanti

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I posted on Aug 5 for parts. Am starting the restoration. The steering lever parts have been fixed. I need help in removing the column lock assembly. The pin that is supposed to be drilled out to remove the cylinder has been over drilled and it won`t come out.

I still need the lock for the spare tire. I also need specks on how the seats are upholstered and type of carpet. Thanks.

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How much in diameter was the ignition lock retainer pin "overdrilled"? If too large you may have eclipsed the die cast cylinder outside diameter and crumbled the aged diecast (zinc alloy) this can displace the tumblers and cause it to stick in the bore. You may also have burred the diameter of the pin hole and jammed the lock cylinder casing in the bore.

The cylinders have a malady of swelling with age that can sieze them in the bore even after the retaining pin is removed. Try putting the proper key in the cylinder and try to rotate cylinder CW then CCW slowly to see if the cylinder is siezed. If it is free at all it might be possible to lubricate it with powerful penetrating oil (PBBlaster) and eventually withdraw it using some tool like a hook nose scriber.

If all fails then sacrifice the cylinder by destruuction of the diecast tumbler cage and then try to withdraw the brass cylinder sleeve from the column casting.

Attached are a few images of what you are trying to extract, the image "NOSlockafter" shows how a NewOldStock ignitions cylinder was internally crumbled before ever being used (self destruction of die cast metallurgy)

you can see the wire coil that retains the diecast tumbler cage inside the brass outer sleeve since it slides into and undercut on diecast cylinder body via a tiny hole in brass sleeve this is how the lock is called theft proof, it can't be disassembled without destruction.

Good luck, Stude8




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The over drill is 7/32. I don`t have a key for the cylinder but it can be turned from 9:00 to 12:00 O Clock with a screwdriver. I have used penetrating oil but its still stuck.

Also there no images on your reply. Thanks, Art in Cal.

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The image attachments are present on the post when I view the AACA forum, I suspect your computer security level blocks attachments. Try going to the local library and view the forum there, the images should be visable and unless a hacker has contaminated them?? they have no virus content. My Norton security says they are clean.


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