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ahhh excuse me


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WOW I was totally appaled today when I took my convertible to a tire shop due to a slow leak in a front tire. I left it and walked to my office which was 2 blocks away. Around noon I walked back to pick up my car which was done and there were two guys who are working on constructing a new building behind the tire shop and they were sitting on a couple of stools with their lunch spread out on the hood of MY car. I hit the roof and as a God fearing guy that I am, went off. The chances of me getting into heaven are pretty slim right now. The shop owner took care of everything and the car was not damaged, but for the life of me I cant believe some people. I was hot and have not totally cooled off yet.

Not a good day in Reatta Land

Chuck Kerls


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Guest Kitskaboodle

Could have been worse.....

A friend of mine took his car to Kragen's, came back outside and some guy was using his front fender as a convienent place to put his old battery as he was putting the new one in. :)

He had acid burns/spots in his paint later that day. :(


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Holy cow.. I would' a.. well.. it's too bad to say here maybe. :o That would make me so mad.. it makes me mad just to think about it! :mad:

My car isn't the nicest reatta in the world, but really, any car, an shape.. nobody should do that sort of thing.

And Kit's story.. that's even worse! Good gosh... Common sense isn't so common.. :mad:

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