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Rims unknown

Guest pgadler

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Guest pgadler

Hi all!

I'm both new to the forum and new as Riviera owner. Though I've always had a soft spot to the Riviera, it was not planned to become a proud owner of a non-Gran Sport 65' last Tuesday.

The 1951th to be produced in 1965, with 401 and some options. So far I have two strange things about the car.

The rims are clearly not standard. Pls se the picture at this link:


8 inches wide, with, as You see, a center with spinner and Riviera logo. Steel and chrome.

Can anyone tell me what these are?

Secondly the interior trim. It's fabric with vinyl sides on seats. The fabric is lined close black/gray. I have tried to find a picture of the Beaumond option, only finding one picture on the internet, clearly wrongly labeled.

Does anyone have a picture of Beaumond fabric?

Lastly some additional info. The car was imported to Sweden from Texas in 2005. The last year it has been restored in body + respray, casted in a car TV show while doing the work. Very well done. Mechanically, interior etc, nothing done. Mainly wiring requires urgent attention.



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Welcome aboard from Washington state.

I've seen the wheels before.


They are from the '70s or '80s and I think Western made them. We used to call them wagon wheels because of their looks. Someone just updated them with spinners and logos.

Is your fabric like this? 104911d1319993679-help-needed-65-gs-folks-imag0065.jpg

or like this from Clarks?


I've seen the dark charcoal or black brocade cloth interior in person - it's pretty wild.

Post some shots of what you have and I'm sure someone here will be able to identify it.

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Guest pgadler

Thank's for Your answer.!

Ok, aftermarket and "updated" rims. I need to think if they can be considered ok, or if I will try to get original option road wheels.

I'll snap a picture of the fabric, but I'm travelling right now, so that will be next week.

From the pictures I would say Clarks lower picture looks similar.

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