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"Show" Issues w/the Black


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Finally figured out what makes the Show "come back." [i would have numerous occaisions of getting into the car w/o the "Show" activating].

So what I do is this; I lock the car, go to the passenger side, lift the door handle, then unlock the car [both doors]. This will activate the "Show" on all further entrances into the car from the drivers side. What stops the "Show" from working is if I turn the car off in gear and then put in Park, hit the unlock button and exit the car. Or if the passenger lifts up on the door handle while the car is in gear.

The only thing I can think of is that the security switch located on the tranny is bad, causing this issue. The P.O. arced the alternator wires when he was changing out the alternator and I believe this component took the hit.

You might remember Ronnie walked him thru this to make his [now mine] car run [this was almost 3 years ago].

Any ideas?

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Guest blue72beetle

I don't think the remote 'loses' it's programming, as it's the car that does the learning. At least that's how I think it works.

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Guest Richard D

To be safe I would have the new battery ready to be installed before you remove the old one. Although I agree that it probably doesn't matter.

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The remote doesn't loose it's programming. I bought my white '89 three years ago. Keyless entry remote didn't work. 1.5 years ago, I put in a new battery, and it worked great. I didn't even have to reprogram it.

The way I see it, the remote sends out a signal. It will always send out that one signal no matter what. It's the car that has to be programmed to receive and read the remote's signal.

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Guest Mc_Reatta

Newer GMs than our Reattas need to have the lock and unlock buttons pressed and held on the remote after a battery replacement to resync the remote to the receiver, but our Reattas do not.

The Park/Neutral safety switch should not play into the show operation but we only know what the FSM tells us, we don't yet know the exact programming in the BCM to know for sure.

There may be a mechanical issue in the passenger's door between the handle switch, the lock, the latch and the ajar switch on the latch that creates am intermittent condition that interferes with the show.

You could set diagnostics to show the status of the switches and play with the lock, gear shift lever etc and see if it reveals anything unusual.

The BCM only displays the door ajar warning when the car is taken out of Park or Neutral so it is looking at that input also, so the show may only appear when the car is in Park or Neutral. Would assume that the car would always be in Park when the show would normally be invoked, but may not have to be.

If you can't reprogram the keyless entry it may have suffered a hit from the power spike too. As long as it still performs well and you have your remotes there's no real reason to replace it at present.

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