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Misc 1930's Parts Catalogs

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(1) 1929 Rusco Clutch Facing/Clutch plate catalog, 72 pgs, cars, trucks, tractors, roughly late teens to 1929, a few 1930 in a one page supplement;

(2) 1930 Niehoff Ign parts, Motor/Gen Brush catalog, 48 pgs, cars, trucks, bus/taxi. Only fair on cars, pathetic on everything else. Probably only real value is illus of parts. Has an interchange BUT don't know if just good for Niehoff made parts--may not be any good for OE parts. No dist ID. Roughly covers 1920s cars, poor on others. Price pages.

(3) Republic 1936 Ring Gears, Pinions, Diff Cases and Internal Parts, Trans Gears and Parts, "For all cars and Trucks" (actually, not really). 132 pgs, price lists. Roughly late 20s to 1936.

(4) Waukesha General Instructions For Care/Operation of Wauk-Hesselman Oil Engines (the spark plug ignition oil/diesel fuel engine), 68 pgs., Ed 15, Form 908-N.

All are 81/2x11, Republic and Niehohf dirty covers but all good interiors. Price $5 each plus mailing. Details/questions email. Bud (noncompos)

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