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under hood plastic wing nuts

Barney Eaton

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See photos............ you Reatta or Riviera may be missing one or both of these black wing nuts that hold the black plastic panel in place at the top-back of the engine compartment.

The nut or retainer snaps into a bracket under the black panel and the wing nut goes thru the hole in the black panel and with 1/4 turn, locks in place.

Retainer (GM # 25515544) is $2.00 each

Stud /wing nut (GM # 1637234) is $2.00 each

Shipping a flat $2.00 per order.



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Barney I would like eight sets (eight studs and eight retainers); please send me your Paypal account to rdo02@aol.com and I'll effect the payment; thanks.


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Guest gigitwo

Barney, I sent you a paypal payment through your e-mail on november 3 and haven't recieved anything yet. I requested 2 sets. Thanks Ronnie

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Guest HessLakeGuy


I have several used antennas to ship down to you (not sure when/where I even bought some of them).

Do those all-you-can-fit-into-a box deals from the US Post Office work good OR do they travel better in padded envelopes like UPS has? ( UPS charges by weight and distance so that might be more $$$).


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