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Here we go again...

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Nice car. That is my plan for my Riviera this winter. Pretty close to the same menu.

Last winter I did my '60 Electra. This fall we are finishing up the Electra convert.

Should be in good shape by my 64th birthday. Then just polish and enjoy them for the next 30 years.... ahhhhhhhh, the relaxed feeling from writing that.


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It's been getting scary; I'm beginning to take my own advice.....

Of course I drive around rural New York a lot and keep saying "My next car is not outside where it can be seen driving by."

So here's my "Here we go again" car. Sitting right there waiting for the Park convert to come home:


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A clean garage is a sign of someone with his priorities straight.

:P That is usually a sign of a shop that gets very little done. Of course, the clutter affect after a while gets a little over whelming, and one day when you have no more room to move to get things done it becomes apparent that one must take action and tip the building on it's side and give it a generous shake. :D Dandy Dave!

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Was quite anxious that the rust bubbles under the vinyl top would be severe, I expected to see holes...but once lifted the sides (without streching the material; the only bubbles appeared just above door and 1/4 window glass), it were just bubbles of metal in the first stage of rusting... sandpaper did the trick... still have to prepare the metal before I will glue the top back.

added new springs (gained 1 1/2" height):


Installed rechromed window A pillar:


Dyed sail and door panels (right one in the photo isn't cleaned or prepped):


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Just realised I never updated this thread:

Replaced balljoints, bearings, brake pads/hoses, springs etc, dyed interior panels, seats redone, new carpet sanding, sanding, sanding, primer, sanding, sanding, sanding etc etc:











(due to a lack of space a Mini was the only place to park the hood for some time :) )



Done (for now):


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