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69 Riviera Vaccuum Distributor Housing

Guest otwizzle

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Guest otwizzle

Hello All,

I think thsi is the correct name of the part "Vaccuum Distributor Housing"

Basically it lifts the headlight covers when they are turned on. I attached a few imagaes of the part.

I was wondering wjere I could get one (Been looking online with no luck)

And should I replace it in addition to the hoses...

I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area, any help would be appreciated





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Welcome to the AACA ROA Riviera forum !!

It's called a 'Headlamp Vacuum Relay' in the '68 Shop Manual. Not sure if these vacuum relays are reproduced, and NOS originals are probably unobtanium' !

Your best source is probably good 'used', and they do show up on 'evilBay', from time to time, from cars being parted out.

They are common to '68/'69 Rivieras, and possibly some other GM makes with vacuum operated headlamp systems.

You can check the operation of the relay by applying vacuum to the metal headlight switch port on the relay. If the relay diaphragm is working, it will switch the vacuum valve inside the relay to the appropriate port.

Trouble shooting a Riviera vacuum operated headlamp system can be a real challenge (...PITA !!), as one split hose end, a vacuum leak, or faulty component will cause the entire system to malfunction !

Replacing those 42 year old vacuum hoses is certainly going to eliminate that portion of the system as a possible cause.

Another item to double check is the vacuum distribution manifold on the lower section of the firewall. The plastic used in these pieces did not age well, and is prone to stress cracks from age, and engine heat.

The '68/'69 Riviera vacuum headlamp system is covered in the shop manual.

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Guest otwizzle

Thanks for your response. Im actually looking for a friend and we have been at a loss trying to name let alone find this piece!! Im gonna check out ebay

Thanks Again

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  • 2 months later...

Correction - there is a repro part available, thanks to ROA member Kurt Peterson !! :o

Corvette World in Irwin, PA has a Headlight or Wiper Door Vacuum Relay listed for '68-'82 Vettes, and it is the same as the one used in '68-'69 Rivieras.

Part # 6554, on p. 180 of the online catalogue - $54.95

1-800-327-0185 is the order line phone number for Corvette World.

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There are also several listed on 'evilBay' from various Vette parts places for a little less coin. They also show a repro 2 port Vette vacuum headlight switch that will work on '68-'69 Rivs, for those that may need one. The prices seemed quite reasonable.:)

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