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1952 Roadmaster Estate Wagon project.


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Thanks, Rob, we are making good progress.

We have purchased all or most of the new ash boards, and have been cutting it up for blanks to be carved.

Meanwhile, Frank is welding up the horribly rusted out floors.

Being a woodworker, it is fascinating to see him work the metal.

I am derelect with pics, but will try to get my "you know what" in gear!!

The best part of this endeavor is that most of the work will be done here, so that we can show it through all, until it's completely done.

I will totally enjoy that, probably wishing I hadn't sold it, but If I hadn't, it would not move very fast, or at all!!

So all is good...my main menu is to save Woodies, wish I could have them all, but I am not "The Donald"!!

Not even close!!

Cheers, Mike

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..... have a sweet '53 Super I want to sell.....


If you have a few minutes, I'd like to hear your comments being that I'm not familiar with the wood details and Estate Wagon's rear storage compartment areas to make this work.


Would you foresee any potential hidden problems one might encounter modifying your 1953 Super Estate Wagon into a phantom 1953 Buick SKYMASTER Estate Wagon, similar to what is shown in this Buick General Forum link, Picture #4.....http://www.auto-visuals.com/cars-that-never-were.asp#4.....beyond completing the following work? 


1.  Replacing both front fenders and the stamped stainless steel fender mouldings with OEM 1953 Skylark front fenders and OEM Skylark solid stainless steel mouldings. Radiused openings are already there and there are no portholes in a Skylark fender.


2.  Retaining the OEM Super/Roadmaster Estate Wagon doors and glass, as is, and forgetting about the rear door wing-window look. Plug up all the extra OEM moulding holes and fabricate custom solid stainless steel door mouldings for all four doors. Add the SKYLARK crest ornaments or custom fabricate SKYMASTER ornaments.


3.  It might be easier to replace the rear fenders with modified 1953 Skylark rear fenders that already have the wheel well radius there rather than using the Super/Roadmaster rear fenders that have the horizontal crease in them. The location of the gas-filler door should be the same. Plug up the extra holes and fabricate solid stainless steel mouldings for both rear fenders.  


4. The hood portholes almost look like 1950 Buick items. If that look was preferred, holes would have to be made into a 1953 Buick alligator-style opening hood rather than using a 1950 opposite-sides opening hood.


I have plenty of Skylark parts that need to be used somewhere. :D


Thanks for your time and any insight you have to offer. A good idea or not?



Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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Regarding Al's 1953 Buick SKYMASTER Estate Wagon, I not only think it is a great idea, but see no real difficulties to do this.


Since the picture is not of a real wagon, this would be the first or only one.


I am not very familiar with the many details of a Skylark, so research is needed in this area.


Hood portholes look like 1950 ones, available, add to 53 hood.


Front fenders don't appear to be a problem, should bolt up.


The rear door vent windows were last used on wagons in 1950, so they would have to be added if wanted.


As far as the door & rear fender moldings, I think it would be easier to cut & weld original ones to fit the 4 door wagon.

The Buick 2 door sedans share the same wheelbase as the wagons.

The frames are the same, except for added strengthening on the X frame members for wagons, and convertibles.

So, I presume the bodies are the same overall length.


As for the rear fenders, I would leave that up to the metal worker to decide which fender to use, each would take quite a bit of modifying.

The Skylark is a 2-door, so the rear "fender" is more like a rear quarter.

But the horizontal crease mentioned on the rear fender also extends to the rear door.

In looking at some Skylark pics, I think a Skylark rear quarter would work best, the front part could be used to smooth out the door skin.

The rear wheel opening on the wagon looks to be considerably wider at the bottom.



Everything seems doable to me, but let's go a little further...


The picture only shows the side shot, what about the front & rear?


The wood looks pretty stock to me...boring!!


How about making 2 rear doors hinged on each side, to replace the tailgate & liftgate?


Any other thoughts or ideas??


I added some pics of my 53 Super wagon, a perfect donor wagon for a project like this.

It has the best floors of any wagon I have run into, only the front floors need a small amount of repair.











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We have been making progress on the 52 Roadmaster, first tackling the floors.

I was delighted to get my buddy Frank involved.

I have a 50 Roadmaster sedan parts car (for my 50 Roadmaster wagon, down the line), which appeared to have a decent floor.

We could see it had been previuosly patched, but looked OK.

So, Frank removed it in two pieces, only then finding out when it was repaired before they made the top look good, but the bottom was a mess!

Only more work, he tidied it up well, and has to finish patching bad ares that reared up when we sandblasted it.


I am the white-haired guy watching, Frank is the worker.














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"SUPER" work there, Mike! Went through the whole post - took a bit of time. Nothing quite like a Woodie. Never came close to owning one, unfortunately.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out, and add your comment.


It's never too late to get into a Woodie...wish I had got this involved sooner!!


I hope you watched the videos that Alex brought to this link.


We are making up the various blanks for most of the wood, bandsawing and laminating it ready for carving the actual shapes.

Many blanks require 2 to 3 laminations, even with the 2-1/2 inch thick ash we buy for this gem.


Alex wil be here tomorrow, Monday, and we will take some pics of the blanks along with its pattern, to show the before and after effect.


I am sure Alex will want to video the carving process!!!

Which will start soon.


If Carl, the new owner shows up, we will try to include him in the process.

We have a few days of rain forecast, and it is a hairy trip for him to make ...winding mountain roads, best left alone during rain.


I hope all turned their clocks back that needed to, don't be late on Monday!!

I turned all mine back, but still on the old timeline,  Mike

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  • 9 months later...

Sorry guys, I got a few doings that slowed me down, but am getting back on track now.

I want to finish this post with finished pics of the Buick, leaving here under it's own power...

We have made much progress, while I have been derelict to report, mostly with the extensive

metal work, and also carving the wood.

I added a more current pic than I'd shown, but it doesn't show much detail.

Some pics will be forthcoming, soon (my camera croaked!!).

Cheers, Mike

woodies 038.jpg

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  • 11 months later...

Hey guys, a lot has happened in my life, and I am officially retiring...70 years is enough!!

The owner of this 52 is giving up...he is older than me...and so it goes.

I am selling up all, and moving to Jamaica, to be with my wonderful Wife.

I have many Woodie projects, in various stages for sale at reasonable prices, including the following:

1950 Buick Roadmaster Woodie

(2) 1948 Pontiac Woodies

1951 Buick Super Woodie

1953 Buick Super Woodie

And many Woodie only parts, hard to find stuff...all must go, I have sold my shop, and anxious to leave!!!

Several parts cars also.

Lots of original wood, some restorable, some for patterns.

Machines, equipment for wood and stainless steel restoration, which I did for 12 years before getting into wood.

I will not ship anything, but can refer a reputable shipper for cars, parts or equipment.

Contact me, Mike at 661 766 9141, or Carl at 661 706 8105


Cheers, Mike



3-29-12 A.JPG

3-30-12 C.JPG

3-22-12 C.JPG

3-24-12 A.JPG

ID1950 Buick Roadmaster Woodie 001.jpg

ID1950 Buick Roadmaster Woodie 004.jpg

4-5-11 B.JPG

4-5-11 E.JPG

4-5-11 F.JPG

woodies 010.jpg

woodies 013.jpg

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 7/27/2017 at 5:00 AM, Thriller said:

Best wishes Mike!


A 1953 Super is tempting. With having just purchased two more cars recently though, I don't see it happening. 



 The 53 left here today, I bought it for 5G's, sold it for 2...but it's going gets me that much closer to my wonderful wife, and a new adventure in Jamaica.

 Yeah, they all need to go...any reasonable price accepted, and some unreasonable ones also!!

 Cheers, Mike  661 766 9141, anytime...for a while, anyway!!  LOL

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On 7/27/2017 at 5:00 AM, Thriller said:

Best wishes Mike!


A 1953 Super is tempting. With having just purchased two more cars recently though, I don't see it happening. 


Thanks for the good wishes, Thriller, same to you.

Still have the 50 Roadmaster Woodie major project...could be free...up for grabs!!!

Cheers, Mike

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  • 4 weeks later...
On 8/4/2017 at 7:29 PM, Buicknutty said:

Oh dear, Mike, you tempt me!


Well, I am out of Woodies, as of today, the last one leaves here today!

I have watched my shop disintegrate before my eyes...it was hard, but as we age, times change.

I am looking forward to leaving here by the end of this week, Woodie-less!!!

Except for some memorabilia!!!   LOL!

 Cheers to you all that hung in there for me, it is truly a blessing that I will keep forever, thanks so very much.

 I am outa here!!

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