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Is my coil shot?


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I have a '35 V12 Packard with a dual coil. Problem began about a month ago. Car would start and idle with no problems but when I drove the car especially up a grade the car lost power and the regained power on the down hill. Initially I thought that I may have had a fuel problem. I drained the gas tank, installed fresh gas, changed the electric fuel pump (in line before the manual pump) and then started the car. As before no power going up hill. I then pulled one of the plug wires and grounded it and got a small weak spark. New points and condensor installed but same problem. Started the car again and ithis time it idled somewhat rough and then it died on its own. Rechecked for a spark at the plug wires and this time no spark. Is this a coil issue? If so who do you recommend to rebuild the coil. Thanks for everyones help.

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I had the identical symptoms with my straight 8 this summer and it was the condensor, not the coil. power at idle and light load fine, over say 15 mph cutting out? Up hills (well, FL hills... :) ) a problem? sounds familliar. My mechanic told me that it is a condensor issue more often than not, although symptoms are nearly the same. I know you changed yours already but figured I would mention this as it may be cheaper to check installation on the condensor, or try another one than rebuild or replace the coil.

As a precaution I did buy a replacement coil from Max Merrit though, a US made repro. I might try them as he handles NOS, repro and I think rebuilds as well.

The NAPA coils technically will work as I tried that first, they are a LOT cheaper but they do not look like the originals - terminals on the universals are all "on top" or "in front" and I am guessing yours looks like mine with the ignition feed from the rear or bottom.

ALSO check continuity of juice flowing to the coil, you could also have a failing ignition switch which can sometimes act simillarly.

Good luck and nice model Packard!

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