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Help with some late 30's early 40's grill identifications


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No on 1950 Studebaker, 51 is close. I think I see a crosshatching on the pic of the grille provided, which I do not see on the 39.

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I think we all agree the 5th one is 1940 DeSoto. Yes the third one is Buick, not Chevrolet. The first one does look more Ford than DeSoto. So far there is a 1940 theme going on. The fourth one looks to have cross bars which don't show up in Dave's 1939 Stude pic - maybe it is 1940 Stude. Anyone got a good closeup of a '40 Stude grille? Seems the odd one out is the second one which I agree looks to be 1941 Mercury.

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