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1934 Packard 1100 Sedan - Barnfind.

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Looks like a clean one owner to me! Can someone tell me what is going on with the two coils pictured on left side of engine? There is only one wire and plug per cylinder. Maybe fired twice close together, like the Chrysler Hemi? If so, how is it connected?

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Pretty sure it is the trunk on his '34 coupe, also a Standard 8. Lots of cool stuff in there he has doors on both ends - just like a regular car dealer, when I go up there I have noticed the "prime" spots are to the front of the garage; what you are seeing is "the back lot" :D

Our next toy is supposed to be a runabout for my wife, now how can I convince her what she really wants is a '34 Packard to keep the '39 company??

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