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I am new to this site and have some questions. I have a 74 cuda that im about to start working on and it will need alot of work. Needs a new roof and all of the floor pans and was wondering where the best place to find them is at a good price?? This was my fathers car so im going to keep it numbers matching but the one thing he really wanted to do to it was put twin turbos on it and i wasent so sure it could be done ?? Any and all imput will be great thanks and have a great day.

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Year One can be a great general resource, but there are now many other alternatives. One is AMD, which supplied all of the sheetmetal to rebuild the Keisler Transmission Charger RT/SE Hemi, as chronicled on the cable show "Chop Cut Rebuild" on weekend mornings. Sherman and Associates is the older vendor for sheet metal patch panels and such. AMD does the more significant body parts, though, many of which are licensed by Chrysler LLC. Over the more recent time-frame, there have been some articles on how to replace floor panels and such. Being that you car is a UniBody car, the quality of the workmanship and body bracing (before cutting things up) might be more critical than for a body-on-frame vehicle, but the procedures are pretty much the same.

The 1974 Chrysler E-bodies were unique in that their production stopped on April 15, 1974. This makes their production numbers somewhat smaller than the prior year. There was also a more restricted option list, too. But you could get the (somewhat strangled, emissions-wise) 340 4bbl V-8.

In order to get an idea of what's out there for restoration and rebuilding/upgrade parts, a recent issue of Mopar Action magazine will take care of that. Everybody that's "anybody" usually advertises in there. Legendary Interiors has seat covers and such. Auto Custom Carpets has OEM-molded replacement carpets.

Certainly, twin turbos can be an alluring thought, but doing that can also consume massive amounts of underhood room. Not much place for them underneath, either, as the cars are pretty low to the ground. I believe there's an underhood supercharger set-up, though, which might be more doable.

You'll also need to browse the Mopar Performance website, even downloading sections of their various catalogs. LOTS of stuff in there! Then getting into the various Mopar Performance Race Manuals might be recommended, too. Rather than "trick of the week" magazine articles, these books contain factory information on what works and what doesn't work. Depending upon your desires, the factory information can usually get you to about 80% of potential, with the final 20% coming from getting the particular vehicles' chassis and final engine tuning finessed by the owner.

Additionally, depending upon where you're located, there are many Mopar-only events in the country each year. A recommended event would be the Mopar Nationals, held on the 2nd weekend of August. It's probably got a few more years to be at National Trails Raceway, east of Columbus, OH. Every main vendor in the Mopar hobby will be there, too. Plus an incredible car show in the parking areas east of the drag strip, plus the regular car show on the west side of the drag strip. Plan to arrive on Wednesday and start hitting the grounds on Thursday . . . with plenty of sun screen and some bottled water. And did I mention a massive Mopar-only swap meet??? That whole event tends to make Super Chevy Sundays look like "Ned and the First Reader", to me.

Value-wise, the cars are usually worth more in a reasonsbly stock-type configuration. But that doesn't mean you can't have some fun with them, too. Unlike prior times, the Mopar hobby has grown to the point where you can purchase almost any part you might need to restore/rebuild/refurbish/upgrade the car from reputable suppliers, vendors, and Mopar Performance. Year ONE is a great one-stop source for these things, especially as they have some attractive "volume purchase" discounts, but you can also purchase directly from other suppliers, too, as AMD and Legendary and Auto Custom Carpet (each of which has their own website).

Please keep us posted on your progress. If you have other questions, feel free to send me a Private Message via this forum!



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