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1936 Ford Convertible Sedan

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There aren't many old cars I don't like, but sometimes you just fall in love. That's what happened with me and this neat '36 Ford convertible sedan. As far as I can tell, the 44,900 miles it shows are original, and yes the odometer works. This car is simply wonderful to drive and it's hard for me to resist taking it with me when I run errands.

It appears to have had a cosmetic restoration many years ago. The paint is decent, and looks good from 10 feet away, but up close you can see there's a bit of orange peel. If this were mine, I'd probably leave it alone, but if the owner would prefer, we can do a wet sand and buff to really make it pop. Chrome is good, with a very nice grille and bumpers that appear to have been refinished relatively recently. Apple green pinstripe.

My partner and I have been debating the interior: he believes it's original and I think it's a replacement. Hard to say, given the overall condition, which is nice, but not perfect. There's some wear, but no splits or tears in the seat cushions, and the floor coverings are definitely original. The top also appears to be original and in good condition with no tears, although it looks mottled. The driver's side windows appear to be original with some delamination. All the gauges work, including the fuel gauge and the red bubble temperature gauge. It also has functional add-on turn signals for touring. There are still service station stickers in the driver's door jamb from 1966 showing just 16,759 miles at that time, so the current mileage claims are certainly believable.

The later 1937 flathead runs exceptionally well, with a nearly silent idle and a great V8 sound out on the road. Transmission shifts easily with no double-clutching necessary, and it feels downright quick. Brakes are firm, and it tracks straight and rides smooth. It wears handsome 16-inch "spider" wheels and wide whites of indeterminate age.

A neat little car that's easy to love. We're asking $37,900 or best offer.












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New price: $34,900. This really is a great-running little V8 Ford. One of my current favorites to drive. Where many of the other cars we have are heavy and stately, this one says, "Let's party!"

All the details and lots more photos here: Vintage Motor Cars :: 1936 Ford 740 Convertible Sedan

Thanks for looking!

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