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1937 Zephyr Coupe (modded) needs new home


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A few months ago I acquired a pair of 37's, a coupe & a sedan. The sedan is largely intact, solid and even seems to have had a nice restoration started on it at one time, but will need a going over again and repainted shortly.

Now for the coupe... I already own a coupe that I bought 10 years ago that I finally plan to start restoring shortly. The intention was to buy a spare parts lot from this gentleman's family, but it turned into the parts lot and both cars. At the time I was only planning to restore 1 car - now I have 3. It's way too much as I still regularly work over 50hrs/ week and I now find myself loosing the extra storage space I thought I had into next summer - so 1 has to go.

The coupe I'm offering is a 37, it was modifed sometime in the late 70's or early 80's. The body remained largely original, except for having the lower floor pan removed and portions of the wheel wells to be grafted onto a new frame. The frame appears to be a 70's T-Bird (someone even said possibly a pick-up?)and it's equipped with a 351w. The original dash was also removed and there's very little else to the car. It's essentially a 37 shell on a mid-70's frame with a 351w impressively wedged into the engine bay. Not sure about the tranny (column shift).

Both doors and the trunk lid are missing as are the rear fenders although I think I have spare rear fenders in storage elsewhere - i have to double-check.

The body is very solid with no rust through - the 70's frame is solid, but the sheetmetal floor is starting to rust through.

Project not for the faint of heart. Not sure what could be done with it unless someone out there still needs a roof line, or wants to remove it from the current frame and regraft it properly to a new frame.

For purists (like me and most others here) - it's only going to be good for body sections. And fortunately the body on my original 37 coupe is good enough to work with.

For rodders and the like - unlimited potential.

Comes with current good MI state title.

Will attach pics and perhaps a video link over the weekend. Would like to have sold and shipped/delivered by Thanksgiving, otherwise I'll keep at friends until spring before trying to sell again or part out, but would rather not impose!

Will probably eventually list on ebay as well if it doesnt go here first.

Asking price is very negotiable.

Thanks for looking, Jim

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Here is the LINK to the Photobucket folder.

Files are still being uploaded - I have no idea why it's so slow. There's apparently 165MB of files and after 15min only 20% have been completely uploaded. I think one is a video file.

All pics were taken shortly after acquiring the car in August. I've since cleaned out the interior of the seats, custom frames and junk. Now there's just a few fall leaves.

The grille and one of the front fenders is in slightly rougher shape than the body is currently in. Will try to get more pics this weekend of all misc. parts to be included.

Interested in cash offers or full/partial trades on columbia axle for 37, spider caps, V-12 speed equipment, enclosed car trailers (min 20'ft), or 23 T Bucket project or parts (for my father).


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Guest hannibalhann

i y'all, i'll start , the doors , and trunk lid are almost imposs to find .. the frame with motor is junk even if its ok .. parts only or 100,000 to fix,i need the rockers ,:):( first offer 800.00 and i'll transport to sc



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HannibalHahn, capnbiber, keiser31 & other LZOC & AACA forum members who emailed me directly!

Thanks for the large interest, I am sure I replied to everyone as soon as I got your messages. I originally intended to list the car this past Wed on ebay if no deal was struck. it's now Sat and I havent heard back from anyone, so that car is now posted for sale on ebay, no reserve with a starting bid price of $800 as was offered here in this thread.

I still feel the car is probably worth a little more than that even with the missing body panels and changed frame - after all, $595 current asking price for a pair of fender skirts??? but I suppose we'll see where the bidding goes.

I've now been offered another extended term position at my company in Atlanta for the next 1 or 2 years, and so I simply cant afford to mothball 3 projects. This one has to go - perhaps eventually the sedan I jsut acquired as well. Funny... life's little changes!

Please help this car find a new home where she'll be put to use before it gets too cold!


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thanks for providing the link - something I sort of forgot and wasnt sure was proper to link to URL's outside of this site.

As for beating the $800, yes I think it's possible too - just how far is anyone's guess. I would have preferred to see it go to an LZOC member however which is why I tried here first. Main problem being is time - which I dont have a lot of right now with business trips and my possible relocation after the holidays.


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What is the status of these cars?

The car sold last year via Ebay to another Zephyr enthusiast in central Michigan.

I still have my other 37 unrestored coupe stored away in my garage that I consider selling every now and then, but never bring myself to do so.


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This thread simply won't die it seems.

If anyone is still interested in this car, it is once again for sale and currently listed by the current owner on ebay to whom I sold it to last year. Albeit for a slightly higher price....!!!

I'm not endorsing the sale (or the asking price! lol), but since several have still asked about it I thought I'd update everyone on it's current status.

Lincoln : MKZ/Zephyr none in Lincoln | eBay Motors

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