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Caption this photo....


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well now there's two corky coker, there's corky coker who owns coker tires, and then there's me the 1953 pontiac tech advisor. i have talked to corky before, he's a few years older than me, i'm 55, we haven't done much checking yet to see where his branch of the coker family and my branch come together, my branch moved from tennessee and kentucky to arkansas and oklahoma over 125 years ago. charles "corky" coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.

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That photo brought back memories. Dad had a very successful recap business from 1957 or so until 1970. He sent me to Reading with a truck load of recap molds to be machines so they could produce tires that could be studded. Of course the truck was emblazoned with the company name etc and of course I blew a tire on the PA Turnpike and of course there was no spare.

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I thought that looked familiar. Always a Chevy?


Marshall Beasley of Rochester, NY, was in a bit of trouble when a press photographer happened upon him on March 2, 1959. He was in the used tire business and had just picked up a load of tires when he had a flat. Unfortunately he had neither a spare or any tools or a jack to help him fix his own flat. The Old Motor photo.

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